Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Buzzin' on Lake Wheeler

That's my bro, "J" holding up the largest of several fish we caught on our outing to Lake Wheeler. We actually had a pretty great day, the fishing was slow... but he and I are both pretty slow these days too.

J and I slid the boat in just after daylight on this Saturday morning. We both totally expected the top water bite to be on and all the rods in the boat reflected it. Buzz baits and frogs and topwater lures galore adorned the visible rods in the bottom of the 98 model Javalin. Just 100 yards from the boat launch was the exact structure we wanted to fish. Lilly pads and road beds litter the Flint creek area and I just love fishing every inch.
The ritual is before any cast is made we must have a little herb... how could it be a "high" fishing adventure if we didn't? J and I torched a sweet half a j of some Kush I had put back, a nice earthy/coffee hash dankness to it.... leveled us right out.
In all we caught 10 fish, all but the one pictured little dinks in the 10 to 12 inch range. We smoked some kind herb, caught a few fish and had a nice relaxing day on the lake. The buzzbait and J's swimmin Image turned out to be the baits that got the most attention but we caught fish on a ton of different baits.

Free the weed, it's been medicine in every culture on the planet for thousands of years.